24 October 2020
Telepon: (022) 7797712

Department of Science DP XXXIX Arja Wimba Cabinet presents series of events about nature observation. 6 Divisions in Department of Science (Ornithology, Entomolgy, Mammalogy, Marine Biology (Marine Lovers), Herpethology, and Floring (Flore and Environment) and the Biology Unpad’s students divided into 6 team based on what they wanted to learn, search, and their division. The 6 teams are : Marine Lovers Team, Entomology Team, Ornithology Team, Herpethology Team, Mammalogy Team, and Floring (Flore and Environment) Team.

The output of this observation will comes out as 6 journal, each team will make 1 journal that will be publicated into some seminar soon.

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